“Shannon, why don’t you stop being so snarky.” A woman said this to me recently. At first I thought insults from people with traumatic brain injuries don’t really count, but then I looked at myself. Am I snarky? Pretty much. It doesn’t do well when you’re running a business, but it’s great on paper. I am a horseshoer by day and a writer by night. I’m currently working on my memoir “The Secret Society of Sparkle Kitty Heads.” as well as my novel “A Murder of Crows.”

My blog is a collection of snarky short stories and essays spanning decades of my dysfunctional existence- from my life in the city when I was a singer and artist- when I dressed better than a drag-queen, yes I wore platforms, sequins and feather boa’s to the Shoney’s breakfast bar (I might have been discovered any second) To my life in a trailer in the woods, sewing my own clothes and raising animals and aspiring to live a life of a 1800’s housewife.

 . sparkle kitty head

Maybe you’ll laugh, or possibly cry, but I promise you’ll never be bored.



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